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“It is very fortunate that now adays Project Risk Management is within sight and focus of many of us. But did you ever wonder about Meta Risk Management? What is the risk of doing risk management?”


Are you looking for support to your business with organizing the wide spread discipline of Risk Management? Safewise can help!


The risk-areas where Safewise has its expertise and references are Project Risk Management and Business Risk Analysis. These are mainly in the early phases of projects where feasibilities are analyzed, capital requests are initiated and project executions are prepared.

Safewise helps plant management with assessment and definition of business risks and the economic and technical feasibility of proposed project investments. Safewise understands business administration aspects as well as the process operational aspects of organizing a project. Over the years this expertise is built from projects at many main players in industry, engineering and consulting.


In an open discussion with project stakeholders Safewise analyzes and registers the risks that may occur when executing a project, not only during the build phase but most certainly also during the commissioning and startup phase.

Understanding what rules and happens on the shop floor is most essential for final success without incidents. Issues like how working permits are managed, how Lockout-Tagout-Tryout (LOTOTO) is organized, how to evaluate and control contractors, how to build and certify scaffolding, but also how to weld a fiber optic and get a quality and reliable data transmission are common subjects for Safewise.

Safewise is known with many different methods and tools for supporting this process like Berryman Scorecard, House of Quality, HAZOP, FMECA, TRA and many more.

Each phase of the project requires its own specific method and tool for analyzing and mitigating risks. The result of this process usually is a profound, transparent and to-the-point risk management plan, including securing the actual execution of the mitigating activities as discussed and agreed in the plan.

Study about Meta Risk Management

Thesis Abstract “Can the Limits of Outsourcing be monitored and controlled?”

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