Process Safety

Umbrella 2Process Safety is a complex and specific discipline. What can you expect from Safewise?


Safewise can help analyzing your level of process safety and determining what should be designed and implemented to move towards a level of safety that is acceptable to your business. These activities have all to do with RAM-matrix, HAZOP, LOPA, SIL, FMECA, ALARP and many more methods and tools.


Analyzing safety and defining mitigations has many social aspects. Safewise concentrates on having the right people on the table and clearly setting the right atmosphere for open discussions and mutual understanding of designs and decisions made; from operations and maintenance up to process design and management. Safety must be built based on an enthusiasm from all for a safe environment for all, rather than being forced to generate procedures to please systems and authorities.

With the right atmosphere topics may be discussed that have not been discussed before, designs may be elaborated and explained that finally puts on the table why things are done for many years the way they are done. Or in some cases the surprising understanding of situations that are unsafe already for many years and luckily never have occurred. Safewise facilitates this process of open discussion and debating.

The strength of Safewise is the profound approach in the process analysis, classification and verification. Safewise reports all these activities in a way that suits your business, your internal standards and external standards such as authorities and legislations. Safewise creates reports that are to the point, complete and transparent. Conclusions and also the road towards these conclusions must be clearly reproducible and traceable.

Most of all it is important that when after 5 years one pulls the report out of the closet it must be as understandable and as clear as it was at the end of the original sessions.

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